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We are glad to have you here…Feel free to Knock our door anytime.Drop a mail(hello@foxlabmakerspace.org) or call (+91 81 29 16 98 53 ) for prior arrangements just in case.
Yup..! We got you covered please reach us for further details on the internships.Mainly we deal with IoT,Open Source hardware,Java programming,Game development,Embedded programming,Digital fabrication,3D printing,Privacy and security ,Rapid prototyping in a nutshell etc..
Yes, absolutely. Costs depend on the type of class, and the cost of materials. The price will be influenced by the total number of hours, students and the cost of materials. Get in touch at hello@folabmakerspace.org
Yes, no, sort of? As an organization we’ve learned a tremendous amount about how to run a makerspace. If you’d like to have conversations and learn about how we function as an organization there are many folks that would be happy to do so. If you’re looking for money, labor, equipment, or other tangible assets you’ll likely have to look elsewhere. Please email hello@foxlabmakerspace.com or foxlabmakerspace@gmail.com if you’d like to meet with someone to discuss the finer points of running a makerspace. We wish you all the best!
Some of the equipment, materials, and classes have additional costs. These fees are determined by committee chairs and instructors. We try to keep costs low for our members and cover as much as we can from membership dues.

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